This blog is done. For now. Off to

Hola amigos!

Just a quick one that I am going to stop my regular posts on this blog.

This blog, as I said when I started it, was to see if I like it. I do, so it has fulfilled it´s purpose. I am going to focus my effort on my slovakian blog

My reason is the fact that there´s a much better opportunity to provide better value to people with the slovak blog, because there´s not many. There´s shitloads of english blogs. And I rather do one blog really well, than do two ok ones.

I might post something here and there, if I have a good topic, idea or want to have a rant in english, but it won´t be regular monthly updates with more posts inbetween, as it was until now.

So this isn´t over, it´s just going to be less regular. Just like when you eat at KFC.

Of course, I´ll keep uploading all my travel pics on my facebook, so add me if you want to see where will the road take me!

Thank you, it´s been fun ;).

To make it up to you, here´s a pic of a guy with a toilet. But where is it?

toilet south america peru




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