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lukas cech

..the dog is still alive and happy.

If you died today, would you be happy with what you have left behind, how your life has worked out?

Hi, I’m Lukas.

lukas [at] posveteposvojom.com

I had a good career, good prospects and a good life. But I wasn’t happy. At one point, someone asked me the same question above.  The answer was “No”. I wouldn’t leave behind much that is close to my principles and what I care about, I would leave behind mainly materialistic things that don’t matter.

So I changed that. Quit my job and now I’m travelling around the world, learning, discovering, helping, enjoying and trying to get to a point, where I can answer “Yes” to that question.

This is just the beginning, I still can’t answer “Yes”, but I can say I’m now working towards that. I can say I tried, if I died at this moment. Already better than “No” 🙂 Seeing, trying, experiencing and learning many different things, that I wouldn’t otherwise if I stayed in my comfy place with a good job. One or more of these things will change the answer to “Yes” at some point. Oh, and I’m not planning on dying for a long time, just to make that clear!

Why a blog? Good question. I didn’t want one, I wanted to just go out there and experience stuff. But a couple of months into my journey, I realized that I’m becoming lazy and am not learning enough or challenging myself enough and that a blog is the perfect tool to keep me on the right path. It’s public, so once I commit to something, it’s harder to pull out, making me do more than I would without it. I’m also a nerd and like tracking progress, to do lists and targets. And that’s how this is going to work. I’ve given myself 5 areas that I’m going to focus on during this journey. These are things that are important to me and I want my life evolving around them or be driven by them.

They are:

  1. Care.
  2. Learn.
  3. Challenge.
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Provide.

I’m also doing this blog out of curiosity. I want to try blogging and see how it goes. Guess it goes under “Learn.” 🙂

Of course, this won’t be just about me. I want to write about my experiences, so you can see the world through them, and hopefully learn more about the world this way.

How will it work?

Each of these areas will have its own page. Each month, I’m going to post an update for each area and what did I do for it. in-between, I might post things that might not belong to any of these areas, but make interesting posts, some random experiences or funny stories. Oh and some deep, life changing essays too of course….

Somewhere at the end of all this will be a short answer “Yes”, with a smile on my deathbed. Far, far, very far in the future of course.

Anything to say? Talk to me:

email: lukas [at] posveteposvojom.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cech.lukas

couchsurfing: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/lukas.cech/

Other projects:

www.posveteposvojom.com – my slovak blog, now my main project

www.domzhliny.com – I am passionate about eco-construction, recycling and sustainability, this is a slovak site about construction from adobe, cob and recycled materials

Vegan Slovakia – a facebook page to provide a place for vegans in Slovakia to share information about veganism.


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