“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” –Gandhi

This one is important for me and it’s also a very personal definition of caring for me. I care a lot about animals, nature and the environment. I don’t care that much about human needs and struggles, as most of the problems humanity faces are self-inflicted and we have the power to change them, but nature and animals is defenceless against our actions that cause harm. (Well, in short-term, but I do have a theory for the long-term. Nature will kick our butt, ask me about it if you want to know more.)

There’s three things I will focus on here:

  • staying vegan
  • volunteer on animal projects, charities
  • volunteer on eco projects

And there´s one target that´s purely subjective:

  • keep fit

This one is about being active, exercising, eating healthy, keeping an eye on my weight (this one works in opposite direction as a vegan on the road – I need to ensure I don´t lose too much weight, not the usual way of trying not to gain weight :).

Now, “staying vegan” is a fluffy one and there’s many levels of how strict one can be. For example, a hardcore strict orthodox vegan wouldn’t have a single thing on his/her body that contains animal product or derivates or was produced in a way that harms animals or the environment.
I’m not that person. For me, it’s about awareness. I won’t do anything that I know results in harming an animal. But if I don’t know about it, for example if that bread I bought on the street, because there was nothing else to eat, contained eggs, I won’t beat myself about it. If I knew it contained eggs, I wouldn’t buy it. I won’t buy it next time. Same goes for clothing, toiletries etc. I won’t go too much into detail here, it could get very political, but I wanted to touch the topic a bit.


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