Care November 2012

The areas I focus on are caring for animals, working on eco projects, being vegan and caring about myself, my health. I was a nerdy carer this month.

In terms of caring for animals, I didn´t work with them, but I built a new website for the animal rescue center Cerelias, where I volunteered at in October. The website is (although I did spend the first week of November working with animals, then moved onto the website, but I wrote about that last month.). building the website took about 1 week, so for the remaining 2 weeks of the month, I wasn´t seeking any more volunteering or eco projects.

But I still managed to sneak in four 1 hr long sessions, presenting to 6-12 teaching kids in pachacamac peruyear olds about the volunteering work in the center, the importance of wild animals in the forest and why we shouldn´t catch them as pets. Planted some seeds, hopefully these kids will grow into fighters for animal rights! (Or they all get tattooed as soon as they can, because they were very interested in asking me about my tattoos too…)

In terms of being vegan, of course I continue to stick to that, but this month has been more of a challenge, as I did more travelling from place to place and trekking. When travelling, there´s much less options to each, as it´s mostly meat, so I don´t eat that much on the bus or hitchhiking. When trekking, I usually pack some nuts, bread and something to put on it and that´s it, so also not very nutritional (although that´s not because I´m vegan, but because it´s practical to trek like that. Even if you eat meat, you don´t take much trekking). Because I was moving around a lot, my diet was more basic than normal, so I´ll do a bit of catching up in December – eating better, whether it´s cooking more or eating at restaurants more (because I can afford it – second month going I´m spending less than I´m earning 🙂 )

And finally, taking care of myself – I stopped doing yoga every day, I actually didn´t do yoga much. Reason being, I was in a project management mode – launching two new websites (,, a new facebook page and writing, designing and launching an e-book kept my brain pretty occupied. My priority was to get things done, that relate to these projects, which meant 12 hour work days, staying in a hotel, not doing much, just working. This left me too tired for yoga or too much exercise.

I kept doing at least 100 press ups almost every day though. And I did much more trekking and walking, so not worried about not being fit.

The way I look at it is – if doing yoga stresses me out, because it´s another thing I need to do on top of all the projects, and the projects are more important in the short term, I´m happy to leave yoga out. Yoga works for me, if my head is in the right state, like being in the jungle, having plenty of time to do it. But when my brain switches to getting things done mode, I´m happy to get my head down and get those buggers done, leaving some other stuff out.

But now that I´m done with most of the work on those projects, I need to ensure I do care about myself more – whether that´s doing more yoga, meditation or eating better.

I will do 200 press ups every day again, having this goal up here, on the web is a good forcing tool 🙂

And I have some new inspiration from Niall Doherty´s latest post too, so December will be much healthier!


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