“I’d rather live a life of ‘oh well’s’ than a life of ‘what if’s.’ ” – unknown

By this, I mean challenge myself to do things I wouldn’t normally choose to do, that are more extreme or unusual. Things that I would normally stay away from, for example bungee jumping. Shit, there it is, committed to that one now. Or things that are hard to do, like giving up a bad habit, for example smoking.

I won’t put down a list of things to do, I’ll do them as they come – let’s say one day I happen to be passing a Hare Krishna temple, I’ll stay there for a week. Oh, hold on, I did that one already. Well, it’s a good example.

Happy to receive suggestions in comments though. Not promising I’ll do them all, but good to have ideas from other people, as their “challenge-meter” is probably different to mine.

I don’t like this one. It’s making me do things I don’t feel comfortable with. But that’s why I’m putting it here and making a public commitment, so that I will experience more, than I would normally choose or get myself to.


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