Challenge November 2012

This month had many challenges involving anacondas, black water, amazon jungle, but not just the usual adventure stuff, there were some work related ones, which was new, but I pretty much enjoyed a bit of project work and deadlines :). Reminds me of my old job, but this time, I´m the boss here!

In October, I didn´t set my self any goals, wanted to see how it´ll go without. This meant that I wasn´t preoccupied with set challenges and trying to reach them, but I was open to new experiences and challenges and I think it worked out pretty well:

  • I took a little wooden canoe down the rivers of the Amazon jungle in Peru, with crocodiles jumping into water right next to you (ok, not too big, but still, it´s a wild crocodile!). Paddled through black waters (yep, water was literally black), which combined with the feeling of being deep in the jungle and with sounds of the jungle, not seeing what´s in the water, was a pretty powerful experience! And then they told us, we´re going to go looking for crocodiles at night,(they are nocturnal), with only a flashlight to see. That was a strange feeling, not seeing anything, just hearing things jump into water around you…. Here´s a few photos, more will be posted on my facebook page.
canoe in peruvian amazon jungle

paddling my way through rivers of the Amazon, in an original wooden canoe

anaconda peru amazon

One of the two anacondas we saw – got to about 0.5m close!

night river amazon peru

To increase the tension, we went on a night paddle, searching for crocodiles. Feels more scary once you can´t see anything, just hear noises around you!

black water amazon peru, aguas negras

the black waters of Peruvia Amazon. they reflect everything like a mirror, but are filled with more stuff that wants to eat you…

  • I swam in the rivers of the amazon jungle, and didn´t get eaten by piranhas, anacondas or crocodiles!
swimming in amazon river per

being silly in the rivers of the Amazon jungle. We made sure there were no anacondas around…

  • hitchhiked 500 km through Peru´s deserts, into the mountains, getting to know the outskirts of cities and life in poorer parts whilst at it
hitchhiking peru

Did you know that most of north west Peru is a desert with not many towns? Bad if you run out of water between them! Didn´t happen to me of course, I´m well prepared 🙂

  • climbed twice to over 4000 metres above sea level with my full gear (20kg of stuff!) – first to 4700 meters at Laguna 69 near Huaraz, then to 4100 meters at Marcahuasi. The first one was the more difficult one, I had more weight with me, was alone, was late in the day, so the sun went down and the rain and cold came out. I was walking up a steep incline for 3 hours, the last hour was with rain and almost no visibility, then had to build my tent without feeling my fingers and finally warm up a bit. Although didn´t warm up too much until the next day, when, after a bit of snow, the sun came out and finally dried my stuff.

At Marcahuasi, it was much more enjoyable, it wasn´t freezing, I had great company, but still it was a tough walk! Here´s some photos:

laguna 69 walk peru

laguna 69 walk peru

the walk started nice, tough, but good weather and beautiful views

laguna 69 walk peru

that´s where it got bad – clouds, rain and cold.

laguna 69 peru

I woke up covered in snow!

laguna 69 peru

when the snow melted

laguna 69 peru

Laguna 69 almost at it´s full beauty – the clouds are blocking the view of the peak above it.

laguna 69 glacier

The glacier above Laguna 69

laguna 69 peru

This was definitely worth the walk


  • I launched 2 websites and 1 facebook page, which meant many days working 7am to 9pm, designing, writing, testing and troubleshooting, all to be done within a couple of weeks.
  • wrote, designed and published an e-book in slovak Po Svete, Po Svojom, (See the world on your terms) that addresses the information gap in Slovakia about long term travelling, vagabonding and such
  • I presented to 6-12 year olds about animal rehabilitation – this might sound easy, but I much rather present about project management skills to 30 professionals, than presenting about animal rehabilitation to ten 8 year olds. I am presenting about monkeys and they are the monkeys 🙂 Inpatient, curious, asking lots of questions, shouting, moving around, pulling faces. But it was good fun and they enjoyed it too. Even got a hug at the end 🙂 teaching kids at pachacamac, lima, peru
  • rode a bicycle around Lima in full traffic, then outside of Lima at night with no lights (so couldn´t see the road, holes or anything – but survived 🙂
  • stayed true to my new view about flirting and pushing yourself to do something you don´t beliee in from October – be yourself, put yourself in situations where you meet likely minded people and things will work out. And they did. I had a great time with someone I care about and connect with, much better than random flirts that don´t mean anything.

Think that´s it for this month! Forgot to write stuff down as and when it happenned, so now I´m trying to remember it all.

How did your month go? Hope you challenged yourself, did something unusual or new, or broke some molds!


2 thoughts on “Challenge November 2012

  1. Great to see you having so much fun and doing some many terrifying but ‘make you feel’ alive activities 🙂 Do we get to learn more about your new connection in your next post *wink wink*

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