Hi there!

Hey, thanks for popping in.Lukas Cech

I have stopped writing for this blog and am fully focusing on my slovak one: www.posveteposvojom.com.

I started this blog just to see where it´ll take me. After half a year, it opened my eyes to new business opportunities, which took priority, so I decided to stop writing for this one.

Now, I am still living by the values mentioned on this blog and About Me page, and living a free life I want, without limits.

Now what does that mean?

In short – free = I don´t work for anyone, but myself. No start and finish hours, days, no contracts. I travel whenever and wherever I want. Well, in short, I work and live, but on my own terms and do whatever the fuck I want :).

Life I want – I want to have time to do all the things that matter to me. Not after work or at the weekends, but whenever I decide to do them.

Without limits = I earn money to pay for my spendings. I don´t rely on my savings, but earn for living on the go. I am not stuck in one place, because of contracts, jobs, lack of money or flexibility.

You can read all my old stuff here:

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–  hey, it might help inspire you to live a free life without limits too 🙂

— Lukas



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