Learn October 2012

Another month of random things I´ve learned, but isn´t variety great?

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • This month, I said I would start learning Russian, which I did, I can now read Азбука (azbuka, the Russian alphabet). And now that I can read it, I´m automatically a step ahead as the grammar and some words are very similar to Slovak. Will work on my vocabulary and grammar in November and going forward, to slowly get to a conversational level
  • I had my first Ayahuasca experience, learned more about how it´s done and experienced the ceremony and all it comes with, myself. It was one of the best experiences in my life, kind of life changing, an out of body experience that´s impossible to describe with words, but I´ll give it a try …. later this month.
  • I found out about how to make a didgeridoo. I’m yet to build one or to get the skills to build one, but know a bit of the theory :). I always thought you take a trunk and take the inside out somehow, but now I know that you split it in two, take stuff out and then glue it together. One day, I´ll make one! 😀
  • I learned why living your values is important from Steve Pavlina.
  • Been doing lots of vegan jungle cooking, with a bunch of old pans, limited ingredients, river water and open fire, and the results were always delicious! Ask me to cook if you´re going camping next time. It will be vegan though! Here´s our jungle kitchen: Jungle kitchen
  • Learned a lot more about animal rehabilitation in Peru, and the fact that it´s still early days. There´s a lot of focus on reforestation, but as I learned from the key person for animal rehabilitation in Tarapoto area and probably Northern Peru, Orlando Zagazeta, you can reforest shitload of trees, but if you don´t re-introduce the native animals, who eat insects and help with reseeding the trees, by eating their fruits and spreading the seeds, the trees will soon be overcome with insects. I´ll post about Orlando and Cerelias, the association that is helping Orlando later in November.
  • I learned that within 50 years of an average humans life, we experience about 15 hours of orgasm. That´s a metric isn´t it! All that dreaming, flirting, arguing, making yourself attractive, for 15 hours in 50 years? Damn. But then I read The Heart of Tantric Sex, and realized that there’s more to it than just that. Something I’ve been playing with during my life, but never realized the full potential. Now I have plenty of theory to put into practice….
  • I learned about the dark side of Peru´s history, military vs the police, executions, random shootings in the street, labour camps, and all that just about 50 years ago. And all that from someone who experienced it on his own skin, with his own eyes.
  • In a random chat, I found myself learning the complete process of preparing cocaine. Nothing I´m planning to pursue as a career, but interesting to know 🙂 There´s so many chemicals that go into it, you don´t even want to know.

This month was primarily about reading, I was in the jungle with lots of time in the evenings to read, so I´m pretty happy with reading 3 books and about half way through two more, on top of learning a bit of Russian. Will try to keep up this level of reading whenever possible, although when I hit the road again, it might be more difficult (I only read on my laptop, don´t have anywhere to buy books, don´t have a kindle).


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