Learn September 2012

September was a good month for learning, especially for learning all kinds of random things, that couldn´t be more different 🙂 Variety is good!

Let me just dump it right here:

  • I learned how to make bread. Still yet to test my theory, but it doesn´t feel that difficult (Ha! now I said it, it won´t rise and I´ll burn every piece I´ll every try…). Thanks Isabel!
  • I learned how to dive and became an open water certified diver!
  • I learned about meditation and chakras. Thanks again Isabel!
  • I learned about the Power of Now and keep reminding myself about living in this moment since then.
  • I got to know one of this world´s unique environments – Galapagos
  • I got physical with the internet
  • I learned that if I´ll ever have kids, they won´t go to a standard school
  • I learned that porn kills your sex drive. Well I knew it, but didn´t have so many facts about it as there are in the presentation
  • I learned how to trade channel stocks
  • I learned about various ways of investing your money into bonds, stocks, ETFs and many other unbelievably boring things, but still good for your future…
  • I learned salsa!
  • I read many useful blog posts about efficiency, productivity, personal improvement etc, which I won´t list here, it´s a long list.
  • I am confident with my Spanish now, can discuss any topic (and be understood!)
  • I learned about tarot card reading
  • I learned the history of various Polynesian tribes and their tattoos (whilst having a tattoo done, how´s that for multitasking!)

As my spanish is getting to a good level, I am going to start learning another language. Portuguese would be the obvious choice, as I´m going to be there in about half a year, but as it´s more similar to Spanish, I won´t do it. I don´t want to confuse the two. Instead, I´ll pick a very different language  – Russian. This isn´t only for October, but an ongoing project, which I´ll start in October.


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