Provide December 2012

Another great month, yay! I spent much more, but earned much more too.  So I´m in the positive again. How? Read on….


  • Food -£142 (doubled from last month)
  • Transportation -£93 (same)
  • Social -£110 (tripled from last month)
  • Accommodation -£76 (tiny bit more)
  • Activities -£93 (same)
  • Bills -£120 (five times more)
  • Other -£105 (five times more)
  • Books -£9

Out Total: -£747


  • Slovakia investments £397
  • Trading £290
  • Blog £7
  • Insurance payout £172

In Total: £866

Month Total: £119

To do a quick run, in December, I went to Cusco and Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, I sandboarded on sand dunes, spend a great week in and around Lima and finally celebrated new year big style around a pool and later in a closed hotel party in Rurrenabaque. And on top of that, I didn´t touch my savings, just used what I could earn. Pretty happy with that.

I spent more on food, which I´m happy about – finally managed to weigh myself (it´s so hard to find scales here…) and I´m 73 kg, perfect weight. I was eating in restaurants more, and I was eating more.

Social went up much more, as it includes new year and a few more beers than last few months. This is going to slow down now, as I start moving through Bolivia.

It´s mainly Bills and Other that went up five times more than last month – a much higher phone bill than usual, some google adwords and facebook ads costs, annual domain extensions, and I had to buy new travel towel and trekking socks….because I forgot the others in a hostel in Cusco. And I had to pay 44 USD overstay fee at the peruvian border… because I failed to notice, that instead of getting 90 days, they gave me 30 days. Because of my provisional passport… Well, done and dusted, the insurance payout (stuff stolen in August) covers that 🙂

Doing better with trading, but we´ll have to see over time, whether it´s just luck or pure skill 😉

trading charts

looks boring and complicated? But it´s the opposite for me. I actually like looking at this shit…


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