Provide July-August 2012

First two months were all over the place, as I´m working out how to do things! I did overspend on activities, as I got too excited about doing things, not realizing I have much more time to spread them across…


Out Total: -£2081


  • Slovakia investments £520
  • Tax return £1651

Month Total:  £90

Tax return was a hidden bonus, a one-off. It saved the month, but won´t happen again, so I´m not paying too much attention to it, without that, the month would finish at -£1561.

There´s two things that stand out: Activities and Social. Quick solution, I´ll become less active and less social. There, 1000 quid saved!  Well, not as simple as that is it.

The biggest one, Activities consists of one month in animal rescue center, Galapagos flight ticket, climbing volcanoes and a few other touristy things. There´s a couple of things I´m going to do next month to cut this down:

  • I will try to find rescue centers that don´t charge a daily rate. There´s some that charge weekly, just for food (maybe -£100)
  • I won´t climb two volcanoes again (in Colombia, the next destination, maybe -£150)
  • I will not pay for a flight anywhere, like the Galapagos one (-£240)

These are no challenge, so I should easily be able to save around £500, I will also not get my stuff stolen again (but there´ll be a few more things I need to pay for) and won´t buy another laptop. But I will go to Galapagos, so that will offset a lot of the savings, but I accepted that, it´s a “once in a lifetime” kinda thing, so to hell with money 🙂

Social includes drinking, smoking and this kinda stuff. I started smoking again and spend around £25 on that, I quit again, so should save this next month. I am not planning on cutting down on drinking, I wasn´t drinking much and don´t feel like the saving vs not enjoying myself too much is a good trade-off. I was drinking £5.50 whisky and about £1.50 wine (a bottle), that´s already saving right!

And yes, I did spend more on drinking and smoking than on food. That´s because I don´t eat in restaurants, and when I buy food, it´s the cheapest stuff from the street stands, because it´s just vegetables. But mostly, I cook for myself, so to go cheaper, I´d just have to graze.

So the September figure should be somewhere around £-700, still not positive. I need to make more money, not just cut down on stuff, to make it positive. That´s in progress already, stay tuned.

*Loan won´t go away for the next 2 years, but that´s part of the Slovakia investment, it already paid for itself, just need to sit it out!


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