Provide November 2012

Last month was great because I earned more than I spent, but I put it down to the fact that I lived in the jungle. This month, I travelled over 1500 km across Peru, visited many places, and still managed to spend less than I earned! Yay :).


  • Food -£70
  • Transportation -£90
  • Social -£37
  • Accommodation -£68
  • Activities -£90
  • Bills -£23
  • Other -£19

Out Total: -£397


  • Slovakia investments £335
  • Trading £98 (only 1 position I closed from October, I didn´t actually do any trading work this month, as I focused on other projects).

In Total: £ 433

Month Total: £36

I´m very happy about the result – I travelled across the country, climbed mountains, had various great experiences, seen various sides of Peru and still spent less than living and working back home.

How did I achieve that? 

  1. Accomodation – not paying for sleeping at places – Couchsurfing & sleeping in a hammock in perustaying with friends or locals, overnight buses, sleeping on boats – I slept many times in someones garden, I couchsurfed a few nights, I spent several nights sleeping on the bus or boat whilst traveling (so there´s just the cost for travel, not travel + accommodation) or in the jungle or mountains as part of a trip or in my tent. Think this all adds up to almost half of the month of free sleeping, which I estimate saved me around 70-100 GBP.
  2. Hitchhiking where possible. I hitchhiked over 400 km from Chiclayo to Casma and then further down the road to Huaraz. Hitchhiking this route is easy, there´s the Panamericana motorway with lorries going all the way to Lima, so you can get all the way with 1 lucky ride. But going to Huaraz is difficult, then you´re off the motorway, on the mountain road (going from 0 metres above sea level to 3000 in just about 5 hours). I got a ride for about 40 km, but then there were no private cars, just their public transport, so I called it a day and took that. Still managed to save some money, although not much as buses from Chiclayo to Casma are cheap. But better not much than nothing. And hitchhiking was a great experience too.
  3. Doing less touristy tours, more self-guided walks to the mountains, where you just pay entrance fee and off you go.

Second month going, I´m averaging at around 12 GBP per day costs, whilst doing all the things I want, pretty happy with that!

Outlook for December

This month might be more expensive, as there´s a few things I want to do that I can´t avoid paying a touristy price for (well, some I can and will try… but can´t say anything right now…), so it could end up more expensive, but I´m also planning to cross to Bolivia around 20th of December, which is the cheapest country here, so that might help.


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