Provide October 2012

My first positive income month so far! But before I get too excited, I need a reality check – the reason why it´s the cheapest month and I earned more than I spent is that I lived almost the entire month in the jungle, without having to pay rent, transport or spending on going out. The only outgoings were food for the two of us in the center and the animals, and the occassional trip to the city, where I paid for transport and one night accommodation about three times.

But on the other hand, it was like this, because I found the center, not because it randomly happened, and I hitchhiked and couchsurfed too, so I´ll allow myself a big tap on the back:
Well done you silly little fucker.


Out Total: -£350


  • Slovakia investments £335
  • Trading £131 (hey! it´s 68% MoM! Don´t get me started on Bps!)
  • Other £20 (refund of phone charges from my bank, when they blocked my card because they thought it was used fraudulently)

In Total: £ 466

Month Total: £136

But I left out one important thing – I decided to donate 1000 peruvian soles to the rescue center I worked in, because it´s a unique place, with real focus on animal rehabilitation, without any fluff around it and no unnecessary overspend.
So with this donation of around £240, the month is down to -£104.

The “Other” section in my outgoings is the cost of my stupidity. I lost my wallet – with all my (remaining) credit cards and 200 soles (around 50 quid), with only about 100 soles left with me for the whole month… But luckily, my bank was fast enough to get a new card to a hotel I use for internet access within 10 days (just about when my money was about to run out), and this time, the card didn´t get stolen, like in Ecuador. Second part of this section is 90 soles for a Peruvian phone, as I thought that I will receive all messages on that phone (currently, my Slovak phone only receives messages on my UK card, the Peruvian one only sends them and receives calls). But hell no, even a Peruvian phone doesn´t receive messages with my sim in it. So I left it for Orlando at the rescue center.

Food would have been less if it was just for me, but I was doing part of the shopping for the animals too, and we were sharing all of our food. But despite being in the jungle, with very limited resources and a basic kitchen, I was eating very good – a tasty cooked meal every day and of course, vegan.

Activities is down to the Ayahuasca experience.

I have also decided to leave out the loan of £347 each month, as I could pay it off in full today, but it´s cheaper for me to leave it (I know, weird huh, but it´s true. Ask me and I´ll tell you why, you geek.), therefore I´m choosing to let it run it´s course over the next two years. So for that reason, I won´t show it here anymore.

But overall, the month couldn´t have gone better. I did what I always wanted to do (worked with wild animals, in the middle of a jungle), I met some great people, made good contacts for my onward journey, and managed to cover the cost of living, with some left for later. Not bad!


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