Provide September 2012

Didn´t do as well as I hoped, but close. Galapagos ended up costing a bit more, I got hit by a bad phone bill, which pretty much is the difference between where I was hoping to get and where I got to.


  • Food -£199
  • Transportation -£120
  • Social -£98
  • Accommodation -£135
  • Activities -£325
  • Bills -£117
  • Other -£76
  • Loan -£347*

Out Total: -£1417


  • Slovakia investments £300
  • Trading £78 (small, but a start!)

Month Total:  -£1039

Important to note that previous report was July + August, this one is September only.

So, what stands out? I spent more on food in the last month, than in previous two! But that´s a good thing. I don´t want to save on food. I doubled it, to around 7GBP a day, treated myself to a few restaurant meals at Galapagos and Quito.

I spent more on transportation, but that includes going to Galapagos, it´s basically most of the transportation costs.

Accommodation is up a bit, as I wasn´t volunteering, so had to pay for every single night (yeah I know, crazy!).

Activities are down, but still high as I paid out for Galapagos, specifically the diving course.

Bills doubled, because of my phone bill (a whopping 100GBP, had to make many international calls using my UK phone to sort out my passport).

I made some money trading! 🙂 Small fry, but it´s a start. Trading is about long term, I´m working in a 3 month window, so won´t see the real benefits (or losses, you never know with trading!) until sometime in November.

So overall, I lived in Ecuador for a month, went to Galapagos and became a qualified diver, which in total cost me -1039GBP. (In July-August report, I was hoping to hit -700GBP). I need to recover more of this money, but as far as costs & what you get for your money goes, this isn´t bad.

Overall Galapagos cost 550 GBP (excluding stuff like the flight which I counted in previous months).

I´m a bit unsure about what to expect from October, as I´m in a new country, Peru, where costs vary to Ecuador. Buses cost more and there´s more kilometres to cover, the country is big! Will hitchhike more to keep this down. Also will do more Couchsurfing. In terms of volunteering, it´s still up in the air. I contacted over 10 places, received only a couple of responses, not all are available. So far I´m focusing on animal volunteering, but if that´s a dead end, I´ll try volunteering at organic farms instead.

*Loan won´t go away for the next 2 years, but that´s part of the Slovakia investment, it already paid for itself, just need to sit it out!


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