Most pointless things

One encounters a lot whilst traveling long term, here´s a list of the most pointless things I came across. A place where I can moan a bit. I´ll keep adding stuff as I go, so check in from time to time ;). Or suggest your most pointless things in the comments, we can then argue about it.

Still manufacturing airplane seats with ashtrays in them

Like we´re ever going to smoke on planes again.

Cutting off dogs tails

Cut your own finger off instead you weirdos. No, it doesn´t make ANY sense.

Peeling cucumbers


Just fucking wash it. You´re peeling off the vitamins and it´s perfectly edible. Adds colour to your salad too.

Cutting out the green bit of a tomato

Really? That spoiled? Eat it, you won´t even notice it´s there.

Paying money to believe in god

It´s between you and him right? Why pay another person/instititution to be your mediator, the middleman? I thought he was everywhere and heard everything, so just talk to him from your house.

Eating other beings (meat)

Don´t get me started on this one… Well, I won´t get started. Fact is, we don´t need to eat meat. We just do, because it´s tasty and convenient. Not good enough reasons in my eyes to kill.

Silver service

I can eat with my hands or a knife or a spoon or a fork. I don´t need a little fork and a big fork and a slightly curved fork and a very big fork for the very fat one and 10 other tools to eat a fucking potato. If you can´t eat it with your own hands, maybe it´s not meant to be eaten.

“Premium” toilet attendants

Aaaah, so that´s how you push the soap out of the bottle. I couldn´t work it out myself. Thank you. And you can even make the water come out of the wall? You´re amazing!


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